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This catalogue includes recent scores, plus many earlier works.
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Inspired by the world of bicycle racing, "Slipstream" is a colourful, cheeky, virtuosic and jazzy tour de force for 4 saxes + bicycle bell! Premiered in 2016 by Nexas Quartet (Sydney).



This setting of Mary C. Shafer's poem "Christmastide" for mixed voices was commissioned in 2015 by Chicago-based choir, Acappellago, directed by Mr Dennis Smith.


Hurly Burly

Hurly Burly (for soprano saxophone and piano) was commissioned in 2015 for world premiere performance by Australian saxophonist, Simon Watts.


Sweet Mercy!

"Sweet Mercy... opens in each heart a little heaven", writes the Founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley. Based on her text, this SSA setting has an islander / gospel sound.


Holy Ground Forever, Stranger!

This score received its premiere performance at the Sydney University Orchestral Composers' Workshop, conducted by Antony Walker in July 1992 and recorded by the Australian Film, Television & Radio School.


Sea Spirits

"Sea Sprits" was awarded the 1994 Jean Bogan Memorial Prize for Piano Composition, presented at the Newcastle University Conservatorium of Music Keyboard Festival.


Watercolours (for piano)

These five "Watercolours" (for solo piano) are inspired by the sounds of gongs, bamboo flutes, voices, metallophones and all the other instruments that comprise the Javanese gamelan.


The Listening Land

"The Listening Land" (for SATB choir) was commissioned by ArtsNOW Australia. The work draws its text from two Australian literary gems published over 100 years apart.



"Unity", a setting of Kevin Gilbert's poem, was commissioned by the Dept of School Education NSW Performing Arts Unit for performance by combined choirs & orchestra.


Voice of the River

Scored for SATB choir, "Voice of the River" combines Victor Carell's poem "Voice of the River" with excerpts of a hymn of circa 1170-1200 entitled "The Dulcis Jesu Memoria".


Tides of Ocean

"Tides of Ocean" (for a cappella choir) was commissioned by The Australian Voices. Since its premiere, it has become popular with many choirs and audiences around the world.


Psalm 23

Scored for SATB choir & organ, "Psalm 23" was commissioned for performance by St Mary's Singers & Newington College Chamber Choir, at St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.



"Links" (for SATB choir) is a setting of John Kinsella's poem in which the world buckles under the sun, birds fly deep into desert and sand becomes an astrolabe to the stars.



"Aviation" is a setting of a poem by John Kinsella. Premiered by The Australian Voices, it has recently been performed and broadcast by BBC Singers, London, UK.



"Araluen" (for SATB choir) was commissioned by St Peters Chorale (QLD). Roland Robinson's text describes a gold-rush shanty town in southern NSW, Australia.



"Lula" was composed at the request of Alfred Music Publishers (Aust.) for inclusion in their catalogue of Aussie choral music for schools. The lyrics are very simple: Lu – la!


Deep Sea

In 2001, I went snorkelling at Clovelly Beach, in Sydney, Australia. The trip inspired me to write a piece for orchestra about the mysterious things that dwell in the deep sea.


Child Sightings

This SATB setting of John Kinsella's poem 'Child Sightings' was commissioned in 2002 for performance by The Brisbane Chorale, directed by Christopher Kiver.


Air Traffic Control

"Air Traffic Control" is an energetic solo for alto saxophone. It features rapidly twisting and turning chromatic melodies and sounds inspired by electronic beeps and sirens.



"Pukerangi" (for solo mandolin) was written for Michael Hooper. The work takes its inspiration from a diesel train trip along the Taieri Gorge to Pukerangi (Hill of Heaven), NZ.


The Wasps

With its specially commissioned score, "The Wasps" is a fusion of dance, trance and poetry by playwright John Kinsella, premiered by the Marlowe Dramatic Society, Cambridge, UK.



"Roundabout" (2002) is a playful piece for solo violin. The title describes the way in which the bars and phrases of music "loop-the-loop" before spinning off in various directions.


Gum Tree Country

Scored for a cappella SSAA choir and a quartet of chorister soloists (SSAA), "Gum Tree Country" reflects of the impact and awe-inspiring nature of the Australian bush fire.


Crazy Logic

"Crazy Logic" (for alto sax and piano) is a firecracker of a work that reveals the crazy logic behind juxtaposing virtuosic bebop-like passages with moments of serenity!


White Horses

While writing this score for concert band, I was inspired by thoughts of a rough-and-tumble seascape, with fresh, salt-laden winds transforming waves into myriad white horses.



Scored for SATB choir, this setting of James McAuley's poem 'Nativity', depicts the birth of light in an extraordinary world of dewdrops, spider webs and tender snails' horns.


My Nurse and I

This score was commissioned by Concordis Chamber Choir (VIC). It is a setting of a poem of Nicolette Stasko, after the painting of the same name by Frieda Kahlo.


Butterflies dance

Premiered by The Australian Voices, this setting of Michael J. Smith's poem depicts colourful butterflies fluttering to the ocean from mountains, valleys, hills and plains.


Suite for Junior Band

"Arrival of the baby elephant", "Hippopotamusic" and "Big Cats" are three animal-inspired intermediate band works which I composed in 2009 at the invitation of publisher, Reed Music.


The Song and the Sigh

Commissioned for the Blokes of Barker, this setting of Henry Lawson's poetry received its premiere at the Pemulwuy National Male Voice Festival, in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.


Joie de vivre

Available for Horn & Piano (2012) and Cello & Piano (2013), "Joie de vivre" is rhythmically driven and seeks to evoke a sense of life's exuberance & energy.



This setting of Victor Daley's poem "Dreams" (for a cappella SATB choir) was commissioned for performance in 2012 at the 63rd Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival.


Twinkle… Star Ferry

The famous Hong Kong Star Ferry meets the theme of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" in this solo piano piece about a trip from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central.


Dawn Rhapsody

"Dawn Rhapsody" (for violin & piano) was selected as a finalist in the 2014 Simply Stunning Composition Competition, receiving its premiere in 2014 in North Carolina, USA.



Composed for Matthew Rosenberg (NYC), "Zigzag" (for solo bassoon, 2014) is a concise, lively work whose melodies are angular and a bit crazy... in a logical kind of way!