Composer’s Note

Whirled Music (for alto saxophone and 5-octave marimba) was commissioned by Translucent Duo (Bernard Lagana & David Lockeridge) for premiere performance at the Australasian Saxophone & Clarinet Conference 2013, presented by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Scored in three movements (A-B-A), Whirled Music hits the ground running at a speed of around 120 crotchet beats per minute, faster still if the performers let it have its head. Fuelled by a high octane blend of semiquavers and chromaticism, the music shifts through gears while negotiating twists, turns, dips, climbs and spirals in a virtuosic display of highly energized unison bebop-like arabesques, fast rumba-like grooves and glimpses of clear, delicate lyricism.

During the second movement, the alto saxophone finds itself travelling on a not-too-bumpy, not-too-smooth marimba highway of gently pulsating tuplets, all the while issuing forth a bravura tale which takes us deep into tense, cadenza-like territory and back out again.

The third movement comes to life in musical ‘fits and starts’ before sending us whirling back in time via a shortcut through Movement 1, then on to a brief coda and a race to the finish line.

I warmly thank Translucent Duo for commissioning Whirled Music and giving the work its world premiere performance. I also wish to extend my appreciation to Bernard and David for generously sharing their technical expertise and knowledge of the repertoire.

Matthew Orlovich,


Whirled Music (for Eb alto saxophone and 5-octave marimba) performed by Heterodyne Duo, Texas, USA.

Some of the Known Performances

flag-of-AustraliaWEDNESDAY 17 AUGUST, 2016
Performers: Translucent Duo (Bernard Lagana, saxophone & David Lockeridge, marimba).
Where: Recital Hall East, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, NSW, Australia.


SATURDAY 16 APRIL, 2016 (8pm)
Performers: Katelyn Stessman (sax) and Bryan Hummel (marimba).
Where: Werner Recital Hall, College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

globe-detailflag-of-ItalySATURDAY 13 JUNE, 2015 ***EUROPEAN PREMIERE***
Performers: Emanuele Dalmaso (sax) and Federico Agnello (marimba).
Where: Contrasti Festival – Trento 2015 @ Sala Fondazione Caritro, via Calepino, Trento, Italia.
Info: MotoContrario

flag-of-AustraliaAPRIL – MAY 2015
Performers: Translucent Duo (Bernard Lagana, sax; David Lockeridge, marimba).
Where: “In Sync” Regional Tour (New England).

flag-of-United-States-of-AmericaSUNDAY 4 MAY, 2014
Performers: Katie Stessman (alto saxophone) & Bryan Hummel (marimba).
Where: Sheslow Auditorium – 2507 University Ave., Des Moines, IA, 50338, USA.

flag-of-AustraliaFRIDAY 28 MARCH, 2014
Performers: Translucent Duo (Bernard Lagana, sax; David Lockeridge, marimba)
Program: A Night of New Australian Music.
Where: Village Church, 122 Johnston Street, Annandale, NSW, Australia.

flag-of-United-States-of-AmericaWEDNESDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, 2013
Performers: Assoc. Prof. James Romain (sax) & Dr Brad Meyer (marimba).
Where: Sheslow Auditorium, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

flag-of-United-States-of-AmericaWEDNESDAY 18 SEPTEMBER, 2013 ***US PREMIERE***
Performers: Heterodyne Duo (Associate Prof. Nathan Nabb, saxophone & Dr Brad Meyer (marimba).
Program: Works by Orlovich, Desantis, Maslanka and Ford.
Where: Cole Concert Hall, Stephen F. Austin State University, 2210 Alumni Drive Nacogdoches, Texas 75962, USA.

flag-of-AustraliaSATURDAY 27  – TUESDAY 30 JULY, 2013
Performers: Translucent Duo: Bernard Lagana (sax) & David Lockeridge (marimba).
Where: Regional Tour: Griffith, Young & Wagga Wagga.

flag-of-AustraliaFRIDAY 12 JULY, 2013 ***WORLD PREMIERE PERFORMANCE***
Performers: Translucent Duo (Bernard Lagana, saxophone; David Lockeridge, marimba)
Where: 2013 Australasian Saxophone & Clarinet Conference, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie St., Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Score Sample

Score Sample: Whirled Music (for alto saxophone & 5-octave marimba) | By Matthew Orlovich


Whirled Music
(for alto saxophone & 5-octave marimba)

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Score Details

Whirled Music (for E-flat alto saxophone & 5-octave marimba)


E-flat alto saxophone and 5-octave marimba

12 minutes

Friday 12 July, 2013 – Translucent Duo (Bernard Lagana, saxophone; David Lockeridge, marimba) @ 2013 Australasian Saxophone & Clarinet Conference, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Macquarie St., Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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