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Sound Byte

Soundbyte: ProjectKoor (The Netherlands), directed by Paul Gieles.

Composer’s Note

Night (for SATB choir, percussion, piano and didgeridoo in C) is a setting of an extraordinary poem by the Australian poet Judith Wright (1915–2000).

(To read about the original 2005 version of the score with handbells, click here).

In 2008, upon the invitation of conductor Paul Gieles, I composed this arrangement of the work for performance by Projectkoor (based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands). The percussion instruments used in this arrangement of the work are glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba, suspended cymbal, metallic wind chimes, bass drum and clap sticks.

Night commences with the sound of the solo didgeridoo. Clap sticks and instruments then enter to form a simple, meditative accompaniment to the choir which sings of a great tree:

… every leaf a star, its root eternity.

From the midpoint of the piece, the choir and instruments create a long crescendo, a ‘flowering’ which culminates in the concluding, heartfelt message of the work:

… Come back to the kind flesh, to love and simple sight.
Let us forget awhile that we create the night.
Out of this dark of time, alive and human, come.
Brief is the warm day in which we have our home.

I extend my appreciation and thanks to Mr Paul Gieles for encouraging me to create this arrangement of the work. I also gratefully acknowledge ETT Imprint, Sydney, for granting me permission to set music to Judith Wright’s poem.

Matthew Orlovich,

Score Sample

Score sample: Night (for SATB choir, percussion, piano and didgeridoo, 2008).


YouTube: Night performed by Voyces, conducted by Dr Robert Braham, 2016.

Known Performances


flag-of-AustraliaSATURDAY 29 MAY, 2021 (7.30PM)
Performers: Voyces, directed by Dr Robert Braham OAM.
Venue: St Joseph’s, 3 Salvado Road, Subiaco, Western Australia, 6008, Australia.
Program: Voyces celebrate their 10th birthday with a concert featuring highlights from their last ten years of performances and favourites picked by the singers!

flag-of-AustraliaSATURDAY 18 JUNE 2016 (7:30PM)
Performers: Voyces, directed by Dr Robert Braham with Stage Direction by Sarah McKellar.
Venue: Churchland Concert Hall, 20 Lucca Street, Churchlands, Western Australia, 6018.

SUNDAY 16 NOVEMBER, 2008 (3:00PM)
Performers: ProjectKoor, directed by Paul Gieles.
Venue: Pleincollege van Maerlant, Jacob van Maerlantlaan 11, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Performers: ProjectKoor, directed by Paul Gieles.
Venue: Atrium van verzorgingshuis ‘Hof van Rode’ Deken van Erpstraat, Sint-Oedenrode.

Score sample:

Night (for SATB choir, piano, percussion and didgeridoo in C)
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2005 / Arr. 2008

Judith Wright

SATB choir, percussion, piano and didgeridoo in C.
(See also: Night (2005) scored for 5 octave handbells, optional handchimes, SATB choir, clap sticks and didgeridoo in C.)

c. 5 minutes

WORLD PREMIERE (2008 Arrangement):
Date: November 15 & 16, 2008.
Performer: ProjectKoor, conducted by Paul Gieles.
Venue:  Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Matthew Orlovich


CD: Voyces
Performers: Voyces
Available from: Voyces

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