Project Description

Composer’s Note

During the summer of 2001, I went snorkelling at Clovelly Beach, a popular snorkelling spot in Sydney, Australia. This trip served as the inspiration for a new composition, an orchestral look through the snorkelling goggles, an exploration – with poetic license in hand – of a place where sea-creatures and age-old mysteries dwell beneath choppy waves, sea birds and salt spray.

The score exhibits angular and arching melodic contours and muscular, syncopated rhythms, as well as juxtapositions of contrasting orchestral colours and motifs and a clearly delineated yet continuous musical architecture.

Much of my music is inspired by the sea. My other recent ‘water music’ scores include works for solo piano (Watercolours, 1995), chamber ensemble (Savage Coast, 2000) and choir (Links, 2000).

Matthew Orlovich,