Dawn Rhapsody


Composer's Note Dawn Rhapsody (for violin and piano, 2014) takes its inspiration from a simply stunning sunrise on the coast. The piece commences with a bright and effervescent violin melody set against flourishes of crystalline piano arpeggios. My melodic material seeks to reach and aspire ever upwards, ascending to its zenith in the [...]

Joie de vivre


Composer's Note To date, Joie de vivre exists in two arrangements – the original scored for horn in F & piano (2012) and a later arrangement scored for cello & piano (2013) – each being dedicated to performer-friends with whom I have had the pleasure of being acquainted through assorted musical projects and endeavours. [...]

Crazy Logic


Recent Performance Selmer Paris Showroom Concert à la Fontaine Thursday 12 October, 2017 at 6:30PM Timothy Roberts (saxophone) and Alexander Bernstein (piano) perform Matthew Orlovich's Crazy Logic, plus compositions by Perry Goldstein, John Mackey, John Williams, Samuel Barber and Joseph Horowitz. Venue: Selmer Paris Showroom, 18, rue de la fontaine au roi 75011 [...]



Composer's Note Ezekiel (for SSABar choir, piano and percussion) was commissioned in 2004 by The Hunter Singers, Newcastle, directed by Kim Sutherland, with financial assistance of the Music Board of the Australia Council. The work, of approximately 8 minutes duration, draws upon a poem by the Australian writer Luke Davies, entitled “Ezekiel”. Luke’s poem [...]

She like the moon arises


Composer's Note She like the moon arises was composed in 2004 for the Grevillea Ensemble, with Guest Artist, Diana Doherty (oboe). The work is a setting of James McAuley’s poem of the same name, published in 1946. Comprising three sections, the score begins with a calm nocturnal atmosphere with plaintive oboe calls and [...]

Huge Earth


Composer's Note Commissioned by St Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney, Australia, Huge Earth received its first performance at Sydney Town Hall on 26th June, 2003 as a three-movement work scored for massed choirs, orchestra, pipe organ and soloists. In 2013, at the invitation of conductor Jacob Narverud (Kansas City, USA), I took the opportunity [...]

Bird of Paradise


Composer's Note Bird of Paradise (for soprano, violin & piano), a setting of James McAuley's poem entitled "To the Holy Spirit", was composed at the request of the acclaimed Sydney-based trio, the Grevillea Ensemble. In three stanzas, McAuley's poem focuses on the magnificent Bird of Paradise which, plumed with glowing iris, descends from the [...]