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Project Description

Composer’s Note

Zigzag (for solo bassoon, 2014) is a concise, highly spirited work composed especially for world premiere performance by the New York City based bassoonist, Matthew Rosenberg, in association with Make Music New York / Composer’s Voice Concert Series 2014 / “Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame” project.

Lately, I have been exploring the notion of blending ‘craziness’ and ‘logic’ in my music. The ‘crazy’ side of Zigzag may be heard in the spiky, angular, highly-chromatic melodic material.

The ‘logical’ aspect of the music comes from the structural design of the piece, with its emphasis on balanced phrases and symmetry of form.

I warmly thank Matthew Rosenberg for performing the world premiere of Zigzag, and gratefully acknowledge the support of Vox Novus, the Composer’s Voice, International Preschools and Make Music New York.

Matthew Orlovich,


Zigzag (for solo bassoon, 2014)

Date: June 21, 2014.

Performer: Matthew Rosenberg.

Venue: Make Music New York 2014 – Event II – Composer’s Voice “Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame” @ The International Preschools, 345 East 86th Street, NYC.