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Project Description

Composer’s Note

To date, Joie de vivre exists in two arrangements – the original scored for horn in F & piano (2012) and a later arrangement scored for cello & piano (2013) – each being dedicated to performer-friends with whom I have had the pleasure of being acquainted through assorted musical projects and endeavours.

The original work for horn & piano – dedicated to my friends Darrell Partin, Kate Fitzpatrick and son, Ethan – received its premiere performance in September 2012 at Lyceum Theatre, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

My latest arrangement of the work for cello & piano is dedicated to my friend Yvonne Lau (pianist) and her son, Connor Tsui (cellist) of New York City.

With its energetic pace throughout, Joie de vivre calls for non-stop action from each of the performers in a display of rhythmic exuberance coupled with melodies both playful and aspiring.

Matthew Orlovich,