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Composer’s Note

Cloud Nine (for soprano saxophone, piano and electronic bow) was commissioned in 2021 by HD Duo (Michael Duke, saxophone; David Howie, piano) with the financial support of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney.

In keeping with the title of the work, the first movement (Joyful; dotted crotchet = c. 80) is euphoric in mood, commencing with a buoyant theme that recurs between moments of exuberant bebop-esque music, gleeful chordal displays, scalar runs and passages comprising piquant effects and ornamentations.

The second movement (Dark and stormy; quaver = c. 60) – a meditation on the awe-inspiring grandeur of a cumulonimbus cloud – is a nod to The International Cloud Atlas (1896) and its more literal use of the work’s title. Offering a moment of repose, the movement begins with the sound of distant thunder and features a slowly unfurling melody accompanied by the hum of an electromagnetically-excited B-flat piano string.

The third and final movement (Playful; crotchet = c. 120) begins with some cheeky, high-spirited interplay between the saxophone and piano. There ensues a short recapitulation of music from the first movement, culminating in a resolute coda.

I thank HD Duo for commissioning Cloud Nine and gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney.

Dr Matthew Orlovich

• B-flat soprano saxophone appears transposed on this score.
Acciaccature are to be played as quickly as possible, before the beat.
• Electronic bow: Prior to commencing Movement II, place a “Joyo Infinite Sustainer Device”, or “EBow” on the piano’s B-flat3 string (two semitones below middle C).

c. 12 minutes.

Score Sample


World Premiere Performance – To be announced.
Performers: HD Duo – Michael Duke (saxophone) & David Howie (pno).

Stay tuned for details!

"Cloud Nine" (for soprano saxophone, piano and electronic bow) – by Matthew Orlovich.

Cloud Nine
(for Soprano Sax, Piano and Electronic Bow)

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Cloud Nine

20 December, 2021

Soprano Saxophone, Piano and Electronic Bow.

c. 12 minutes

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Printed Edition (WM021):
ISMN 979-0-7202-1540-2

Digital Download (WM021e):
ISMN 979-0-7202-1541-9

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